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About us

iTouch EG is a limited partnership company founded by a team of Apple admires;
Hisham Mohsen and Sherif Samy on May 2014.

iTouch EG consists of 5 departments:


iTouch Stores:

Our vision is to provide an eco-system

enabling a total customer experience for technology & communications based solutions

targeting a spectrum of education, corporate, SMBs and individuals.


iTouch Care:

iTouch Care is the technical support department of iTouch EG.

iTouch Care offers one year warranty on any device sold by iTouch Stores.

iTouch Care offers fast, affordable repairs for the Apple family with three months warranty.


iTouch Education:

iTouch Education offers one to one sessions for clients who are not

familiar with Mac OS X and iOS or not using their devices in an efficient way. 

Get your free session when you buy any iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac from iTouch Stores.


iTouch Development:

iTouch Development develops custom applications for

individuals, restaurants, shops, schools and companies.

Such application is created just for a specific entity.

We develop applications

supported by Mac OS X , iOS and Android.


iTouch Automation.


 Coming Soon .. 






Our mission is to change the culture of

using technology in Egypt.

From being an end to a mean and helping them to discover more about their

owned devices.