iTouch EG is a limited partnership company founded by a team of Apple admires;
Hisham Mohsen and Sherif Samy on May 2014.

iTouch EG consists of 5 departments:

iTouch Stores, iTouch Care, iTouch Education, iTouch Development and iTouch Automation.

Our vision is to provide an eco-system

enabling a total customer experience for technology & communications based solutions

targeting a spectrum of education, corporate, SMBs and individuals.

Our mission is to change the culture of

using technology in Egypt.

from being an end to a mean and helping them to discover more about their

owned devices.

Sherif Samy

Sherif Samy


Sales and Retail Director


After 8 years of experience in Apple as a salesman, decided to play the game on my own. Changing the culture of using Apple Devices in Egypt is my aim… And this is the reason why iTouch is here. My main goal is to dash of iTouch to be the most famous Apple Reseller in Egypt.

Hisham Mohsen

Hisham Mohsen


General Manager


I’ve joined successful companies specialized in Apple as a salesman, sales director, brand manager and other titles. I am a salesman and proud, as the whole world is around the salesman. Everything is worthless without actions. “Man is the creator of change in this world. As such he should be above systems and structures, and not subordinate to them.” -Steve Jobs

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