About iTouch Care


iTouch Care is the technical support department of iTouch EG. iTouch Care offers one year warranty on any device sold by iTouch Stores. iTouch Care offers fast, affordable repairs for the Apple family with three months warranty.

one year warranty

three month warranty on repairs

iTouch care has every part
shop spare parts >

iTouch Care offers Hard Disk and Ram upgrade

Hard Disk and ram upgrade is available for all Macintosh Computers. All Capacities and technologies are available. We offer FREE data transfer from old hard disks to new ones. It’s not just the data transferred but everything customized by client in the old system on the old hard disk. 

Most Replacement Parts Can Be Done
Within One Hour

Simple parts replacement like screen and touch screen
replacement can be done within one hour, sometimes more for complicated parts. It takes about 1 working day to
investigate the reason of breakdown.

iTouch care serves non expert users


who are not familier with



Data trasnfer



Software upgrading

iTouch care also offers software packages for


Designers,engineers,students,video editors,audio editors and producers

Data retrieving from crashing system


iTouch care saves data from crashed systems

iTouch care offers yearly and half yearly
maintenance contracts


for companies using Macintosh computers and iOS Devices .

3 programs of maintenance are offered:

1- Software Program which offers software services only

2- Hardware and Software Program offering software and hardware services excluding spare parts

3- Software and Hardware Including Spare Parts Program which offers software and hardware services including spare parts with no other cost on parts replacement.


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