iTouch Development

iTouch Development develops custom softwares for
individuals, restaurants, shops, schools and companies. Such
software is created just for a specific entity and is not packaged
for reselling. We develop softwares
supported by Mac OS X , iOS and Web.

Off the shelf


Examples for Custom Software Tailoring

Hospital Management
Record and report on all aspects of hospital management such as patients, doctors, treatments, medications, bed allocation and hospital occupancy.

Job Management Software
Manage jobs being done by your business, including which employees did each job, how long work has taken, parts used and generate productivity

Team Player Management
Record aspects of teams and players and report on which players function best in which positions in specific teams. Report on player effectiveness.

Inventory Control Software
Track incoming and outgoing products that you store in your warehouse. Report on how long items have been stored and generate invoices accordingly.

Student Testing Software
Test students on core subject material and assess them for a competency level. E-mail test results directly to key staff members

Training Management Software
Track which employees have done which training courses and assign staff levels. Report when employees need refreshers.

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