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One to One Sessions

iTouch Education offers one to one sessions for clients who are not
familiar with Mac OS X and iOS or not using their devices in an efficient
way. Get a free session when you buy any iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac from
iTouch Stores.

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Switching to iBooks


iTouch Education offers Interactive E-Books authoring service for

private instructors, schools, universities or any entity still using hard books.

Our mission is to change the way of learning; in other words the way the student

receives the information. Interactive E-Books interact with students, help

students to receive informations in an easy way and save time & effort.

Interactive E-Books include pictures, animated pictures, highlighting option, note option and

customized font size. Why should students hold a bulk of books everyday when they can just hold and iPad?


Sessions for Companies, Schools

and Universities

iTouch Education is offering custom sessions about Mac OS X and iOS for

companies, schools and universities. Session is offered for free when the

client buys iPhone, iPad or Mac from iTouch Stores.

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Course id Course Course topics Duration Price
1 OS X Overview
Built in Apps
Notification Center
Parental Controls
Brief to iTunes
Brief to iCloud
3 Hours 400 EGP
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